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Workshops for Corporates

Learn to Recharge Yourself—in 10 Minutes! Harmony at Work provides innovative training in stress management and personal productivity. One core offering from their workshops is the 10-Minute Recharge routine, which allows practioners to release tension and increase energy, any time, anywhere. Please visit the Harmony website for details.

Workshops for Individuals

Tools for Tough Times

When we face tough times in our lives, it can be hard to know what to do: what direction to take, how to proceed, what to change, etc. Ananda Sangha will offer some important tools to help with this. We will go deep into some of these powerful and unique techniques.

In this class you will learn and practice:

  • How to change your karma
  • Techniques to magnetise success to you, through energy and right attitudes
  • Tuning into your own intuition more deeply, for direction and decision-making

Realize Your Life's Purpose

There are times in our lives when we seek deeper purpose and new directions. We may ask ourselves: should I change jobs? what should my line of work be? how can I make a meaningful change in my life? Swami Kriyananda provides some important tools to help with this in his course, Success and Happiness through Yoga Principles. We will spend 4 hours going deep into some of these techniques, many of which are not shared elsewhere in Swamiji's writings.

In this class you will learn and practice:

  • Ways to explore what your line of work should be
  • Techniques to increase your money magnetism
  • How to create opportunities
  • How to manifest immediate and long-range goals