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What makes this course different?

Throughout history people have sought the secret to drawing wealth and prosperity into their lives. Today there are many books and courses available that claim to help the reader achieve financial success. So, one may ask, "How is this course different from all of the others?"

This question was posed to Swami Kriyananda at the launch of the Success and Happiness through Yoga Principles Course. His answer reveals the key to understanding exactly what this course is and why it represents something not previously available to the general public. "I am a disciple of a great Master," Swamiji replied.

The operative force in Swamiji's answer is not the pronoun 'I'. It is the power and wisdom of his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) acting through his disciple, and through the course the disciple has written.

Most courses on success are written from the level of the material plane. And they can give you success on that level. But water cannot flow higher than its source. Swami Kriyananda teaches how to influence the material plane from the spiritual plane.

The Success and Happiness through Yoga Principles Course is for those who seek both material prosperity and fulfillment on higher levels of life as well.

Many people think that these goals are mutually exclusive, but in truth, it is the same laws of life that activate success no matter what the goal. In centuries past, the culture of India was based on a balanced understanding of material and spiritual realities - the very principles taught in this course. And up until the British took control of India starting in the 1700's, India was the richest nation in the world.

It is India's destiny to realize that greatness once again, not by wholesale adoption of materialistic ideas from the West, but by an inspired application of the best of both worlds. "The day will come," Paramhansa Yogananda declared to thousands in India and America, "when these two countries will unite to lead the world spiritually and materially."

If published as a book, the course would be more than 700 pages in length. But even a conscientious reader, faced with so much material, would be tempted then to hurry through and merely read the words. For success, more is required. One must attune to the power and practice the principles the words convey. For this reason, Swamiji created the course as an independent study program, one lesson every two weeks, to give sufficient time for both study and practice before moving on to the next lesson.

The Success and Happiness through Yoga Principles Course is truly unique. It is an expression of the timeless teachings of Sanatan Dharma - the eternal religion - reawakened in modern times by the great master Paramhansa Yogananda and written by Swami Kriyananda, his direct disciple.

If you seek prosperity and are determined to achieve your life goals dharmicly, this course was written specifically for you.