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How to Magnetize Money

Excerpt from Lesson Two

Money is a thing, merely—a medium of exchange. We give it energy by the expectations we project onto it. Otherwise, it has no energy or magnetism of its own. To some people, it comes effortlessly. I remember a well-to-do lady from Australia remarking to me quite casually, “Money’s easy to make. It’s never been a problem for me.” The way she said that might make many people envy her “luck,” though it wasn’t really luck at all. She simply had good money karma. Many other people, to their misfortune, have quite the opposite: No matter how hard they work, prosperity, for them, remains elusive....
Considering the important role karma plays in these matters, some people ask, “What’s the use of even trying to be successful? Isn’t success just ‘written in the stars’—an inevitability?” Is there truth in that question? Is success-karma, as people like that believe, a decree of kismet?

Emphatically not!

The power of a particular karma is determined by two factors: energy, and will power. Those same two factors can change our karma. We set it in motion in the first place by our own energy and will power: We can change that motion, again, by our own energy and will power. In fact, because karma means action, it may also be described as motion. We need not be its passive recipients, unless we choose to be: We can be those who determine what it shall be. We can, for example, mitigate it by developing a new, good karma in some other field of activity. We can nullify it by using our very flaws of the past in a new and better way.

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